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Actions for the preparation of a perfect cup of coffee (filter & espresso) 

Actions for the preparation of a perfect cup of filter coffee

-Dose 8gr-10gr 
-Tamping (it depends on the quantity of coffee taking into consideration the rule 1ml/sec)
-Delivery time 23sec-25sec 
-Volume in the cup 23ml-25ml 
-Temperature of water to the group 90C-93C 
-Pump pressure 9atm

According to the procedures followed by the Golden Cup, the preparation of a perfect cup of filter coffee is the following:

1. The ideal coffee to water equivalence is 50-65gr of coffee for 1 liter of water.
2. The brewing time is 4-6 minutes for 1,8 liters using a standard coffee machine
3. Good water quality that is defined from its neutral Ph. 7.0, while levels 6.5-7.5 are considered to be acceptable.
4. Ideal water temperature is 92C-96C.

Actions for the preparation of a perfect cup of espresso
The necessary controls are described below:

Control of the grinder:
1. Coffee grinding
2. The measuring/dose
3. The freshness of the coffee beans

Control of the espresso machine:
1. Water level
2. Boiler temperature and pressure
3. Positive-displacement pump pressure
4. Filters, drippers, gaskets and filter rings
5. Correct delivery of the water to the group

The espresso machine must be cleaned and maintained in a systematic way, in order to work efficiently.

Daily control
Filters, filter rings, drippers, cup gaskets, basin and discharge basin have to be cleaned on a daily basis. The drippers should be cleaned with the blind filter using a soda detergent specific for espresso machines. In order to clean the cup gaskets, a specific brush should be used, while regarding the filters and filter rings, they should be left in a bath of water overnight, using a specific product.


Annual Control
It is necessary to control the mechanical parts of the espresso machine with the intervention of qualified personnel.