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Expansion opportunities 

With its long term experience, its expertise in high quality coffee, its craftsmanship in roasting as well as its education offered by its awarded barista team, taf develops concepts to spread its own innovative coffee philosophy in the Greek market and in markets abroad.

These concepts are addressed to people who love coffee and wish to cooperate with taf.

taf point

taf point is an exemplary espresso bar, flexible enough to blend into your shop and complete enough to set your business as a coffee destination.

Read more about the taf point concept at locations. 

cultivos coffee

It is an independent coffee shop focusing on the high quality of its products that come from plantations, with coffee having the lead.

For more information regarding the development of taf’s concepts, please contact
210-6218172 or by email  info@cafetaf.gr, or visit the website www.cultivoscoffee.gr