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Shareholder and General Manager of Taf – I. Taloumis & Co Green Coffee Buyer, Q-Cupper and focused on Quality Control. Yiannis Taloumis is the owner of Taf operating in the coffee sector for 25 years now. The last years he has managed to focus on specialty coffee in the Greek market and that is the reason for which he was awarded from SCA in June 2011 with the Coffee Excellence Innovation Award.
In June 2014, during the World of Coffee Events in Rimini Italy, Yiannis Taloumis was awarded for one more time from SCA with the Coffee Excellence Lifetime Achievement Award for his commitment in the continuous research of high quality coffee.
In 2011 he created the first Q Lab in Europe where Q courses take place in cooperation with CQI and he has acquired the Q Grader Certification (2010).
Finally, he is a SCA certified Authorized Trainer since 2009 and in 2017 he created the certified by SCA training center at taf Roastery. He holds an MBA degree from Kingston University in London.

Stefanos Domatiotis is a barista trainer for Taf and works at Taf Coffee as a barista. Ηe is a SCAE certified Authorized Trainer
World Brewers Cup Barista Champion in Rimini in 2014
5th place in WBC 2012 in Vienna in 2012
4th place world Brewers Cup 2011 in Maastricht in 2011
10th place in WBC 2011 In Bogota in 2011
6th Place in WBC 2010 in London in 2010
Participated in World Cupping Championship in Copenhagen in 2008
6th place in World Latte Art Championship in 2007
Participated in World Good Spirit Championship in Antwerp in 2007
19th in World Barista Championship in Berne in 2006
20th place in World Barista Championship in Seattle in 2005
5th place in World Latte Art Championship in Athens in 2005
22nd place in World Barista Championship in Trieste in 2004

Stefanos Paterakis belongs to the new generation of Taf barista team. He has been working with coffee for ten years, while the last five is dedicated to speciality coffee. In 2015 was the first time he participated in the national barista championship, in which he made it to the first place, and a few months later travelled in Seattle, in the international competition of World Barista Champion. Besides the preparation of coffee, equally enjoys sharing his knowledge.