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2nd place in the Hellenic Barista Championship, 2nd place in the Hellenic Championship of Coffee in Good Spirits and 3rd place in the Hellenic Brewers Championship! 

Three additional awards for taf, for which we feel extremely proud!

Konstantinos Iatridis won second place at the Hellenic Barista Championship,

Savvas Petroutsos won second place in the Hellenic Coffee In Good Spirits Championship

and Irini Daskalopoulou won third place in the Hellenic Brewer's Championship for Coffee Events during the HORECA 2019 exhibition!

Konstantinos, with a distinction in the Greek and World Barista championship in 2017 (12th place)

and the corresponding Brewers Cup World Championship (2nd place in 2015),

participated in this year with a variety of Geisha, from the farm La Palma y El Tucan in Colombia and made an impressive presentation!

Irini participated in the 2018 Hellenic Barista Championship  and managed to win second place.

This year, she participated in the Hellenic Brewer's Championship, winning 3rd place.

She herself presented Geisha variety Lot 227 from Ninety Plus Geisha Estate located in the Silla de Pando area in Panama.


Last but not least Savvas Petroutsos participated for the 2nd consecutive year at the Hellenic Coffee in Good Spirits Championship,

impressing with his program his amazing Aperitivo and winning 2nd place!

These awards were the result of hard and coordinated effort, from the competitors part as well as from the whole taf team.

Finally, responsible for the skillful roasting of these great coffees is Elias Taloumis, head or taf roastery.