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Bespoke Projects 

Yiannis Taloumis, as head of quality & CEO of Taf, has focused on coffee of superior quality for almost a decade. He travels at the best farms in the world and is looking for  coffee that can give the perfect cup. The contact with people in farms and coffee projects around the world as well as his deep knowledge of green coffee, have inspired him to create specialized project in coffee shops in Athens and abroad. As a manager two coffee shops, he is able to provide bespoke services, in order to create a new concept in the market. 

Yiannis Taloumis has taken care of two bespoke projects for which taf feels especially proud and these are for Noel bar (https://noelbar.gr/) and for 42 Bastronomy Athens (https://www.facebook.com/42barstronomy.athens/). These are two very special places in the center of Athens, who have trusted and selected taf for the coffee they serve. 

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