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Expansion opportunities 

With its long term experience, its expertise in high quality coffee, its craftsmanship in roasting as well as its education offered by its awarded barista team, taf develops concepts to spread its own innovative coffee philosophy in the Greek market and in markets abroad.

These concepts are addressed to people who love coffee and wish to cooperate with taf.

taf point

taf point is an exemplary espresso bar, flexible enough to blend into your shop and complete enough to set your business as a coffee destination.

Read more about the taf point concept at locations. 

Cultivos coffee

Cultivos Coffee: The first 5th generation coffee shop

CULTIVOS is the cultivation. From planting the seed to the first fruit, we know the process, the stages of evolution, the harvest, the journey, until it reaches the final destination. From the beginning to the end we follow the route along with the fruit and take care of a high quality product that we consistently offer so that you enjoy it every day. Behind of your everyday coffee there is CULTIVOS. 

Cultivos Coffee, inspired by taf, carries the same values and principles to the consumer, introducing it to the 5th generation of coffee shops. Cultivos Coffee, aiming at the ultimate consumer experience, is based on the following pillars. Handcrafted coffees from farms that practice sustainable farming practices at every stage of production and show respect for the environment. In your cup you will see unique characteristics, the result of both excellent raw material and a skillful roasting. In CULTIVOS COFFEE, coffees come from Taf's direct relationship program, through the long-standing relationships the company has built with its production farms. For other products, we care to bring it from small, Greek or non-cultivated crops, which are based on sustainable growth. Also, the quality of the coffee is influenced by the barista himself who undertakes to prepare it. Knowledge, his training technique, his passion as well as his professional consciousness are all critical points that will affect the end result in the cup. We take care of all the barista serving the final consumer to be well trained to provide him with superior experience. All of the above relate in an atmosphere with atmospherics influenced by the Scandinavian style with earthy colors, with wood and metal materials, which refer to the energy that the earth gives us.Also, Cultivos Coffee is at the cutting edge of technology. The use of state-of-the-art machinery, such as Modbar, which not only gives excellent cup finishes, but also gives the room a special feel and allows the barista to have direct contact and interaction with the final consumer. Finally, we also use the technology to receive orders via the Cultivos Coffee Application, through which you can also get information about the store's products.

For more information regarding the development of taf’s concepts, please contact 210-6218172 or by email  [email protected], or visit the website www.cultivoscoffee.gr