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taf coffee shop 

taf coffee is a place where the knowledge about coffee is shared, it has strong personality, it is a place with passion for coffee. Here you will feel comfortable with the people offering you the best cup of your day. 
Position Statement
taf coffee is the leadership store of a company focused on offering a complete coffee experience through high quality products and services.
Promise Statement
We promise to offer high quality products and services, for the best customer service experience. 

Coffee Experience
taf coffee is a place designed in such a way to exhibit the cozy, friendly and warm concept that we have created, a unique coffee experience that communicates taf direct relationship program. 
Through the communication with the educated and award-winning baristas, consumers can select the taste profile that they prefer and learn more about the beverage they are about to drink. Information such as where the coffee came from, its producer, its processing, the farm where it was cultivated, the altitude, the region, the growing practices are all available through open conversation. The experience that the consumer receives is not only a taste experience, but it can also create images.
The last stage before the perfect cup is the preparation. During this stage the role of the barista is the most important. Our barista team, by participating and winning in national and world championships has achieved not only to offer the perfect cup but also to play a major role in the total experience that the consumer receives.
At taf coffee we often organize open cuppings and coffee seminars and we present our new coffee arrivals.