<![CDATA[cafetaf.gr:Category News]]>en-EN<![CDATA[taf at the Coffee Specialty Expo, Boston 10-14/04]]><![CDATA[Bronze awards @ 2019 AICA!]]><![CDATA[London coffee festival 2019]]><![CDATA[One more consecutive year, taf present at the Delphi Economic Forum]]><![CDATA[Taf supports the 3rd Ecali Run]]><![CDATA[Taf at ESO 2019]]><![CDATA[Taf supports the Best Restaurant Awards FNL 2019 @ Ecali Club]]><![CDATA[Taf at Befoot Festival]]><![CDATA[Taf Coffee at Aiesec Initiate January 19’]]><![CDATA[3rd Place for taf Coffee at Best Espresso Cup TISCA]]><![CDATA[Taf Coffee @ Whisky Live Athens 2018]]><![CDATA[Taf Coffee @ Coding School]]><![CDATA[Taf participates at the Christmas Party of Psihogios Publications]]><![CDATA[Taf support the Christmas Bazaar of Highschool Othisi]]><![CDATA[Taf at 100% Hotel Show]]><![CDATA[3rd place in the World Brewer's Cup 2018 for taf barista, Stathis Koremtas]]><![CDATA[Taf acquires the lot of this year's COE Peru winner!]]><![CDATA[The potential of Peruvian Coffees]]><![CDATA[Cupping by Steamhouse Cafe at Budapest!]]><![CDATA[The prestige of Taste of Athens]]><![CDATA[A rainy amazing Athens Coffee Festival!]]><![CDATA[Taf coffee goes to Rum & Whisky Festival]]><![CDATA[Taf coffee enjoys Fashion and Art!]]><![CDATA[Visit from Executive MBA Department of the University of New Mexico]]><![CDATA[European Coffee Symposium Milan 2018]]><![CDATA[Iced brew mini “festival” by taf ~ Summer 2018]]><![CDATA[World of Coffee | 21-23/06]]><![CDATA[Lift completed! Lift the spirit!]]><![CDATA[taf @ The Architect Show]]><![CDATA[Vintage Espresso @ London Coffee Festival 2018]]><![CDATA[Visit from BCA College]]><![CDATA[Bronze awards at 2018 AICA!]]><![CDATA[Festive coffee time in Amsterdam!]]><![CDATA[taf in the heart of Delphi Economic Forum 1-4/03]]><![CDATA[The magic of high estheticism in every way! Taf at ESW Conference]]><![CDATA[Presenting La Marzocco Leva & Modbar at La Marzocco Lounge]]><![CDATA[First place at the Hellenic Brewers Chamionship and 2nd place at the Hellenic Barista Championship for taf]]><![CDATA[Visit from the Athens University of Economics & Business]]><![CDATA[Comandante Grind & Brew Cup in Athens!]]><![CDATA[Color in Architecture]]><![CDATA[Taf @ WBC 2017]]><![CDATA[taf @ Bespoke Athens]]><![CDATA[taf taste experience in Drekka]]><![CDATA[Athens Coffee Festival 2017]]><![CDATA[taf barista camp]]><![CDATA[Airbridge project - taf's visit at La Marzocco factory]]><![CDATA[taf at the quality awards of "Gastronomos"]]><![CDATA[Taf’s educational center - Sca Premier Training Campus]]><![CDATA[3rd place in the world for taf barista, Stathis Koremtas]]><![CDATA[World Coffee Events 2017]]><![CDATA[Iced tea by SUKI TEA!]]><![CDATA[Visit from the students of Texas Christian University - May 2017]]><![CDATA[La Marzoccos' 90th birthday]]><![CDATA[Taf for Etoile students]]><![CDATA[Taf @SCA Roaster Village, Seattle]]><![CDATA[Taf at London Coffee festival 2017]]><![CDATA[Two new awards for taf coffee]]><![CDATA[Τaf in HOTELEX Shanghai]]><![CDATA[Yiannis Taloumis as an Artisan]]><![CDATA[Taf goes to Amsterdam Coffee Festival]]><![CDATA[1st place in Hellenic Brewers Cup]]><![CDATA[1st and 2nd place for taf in Barista Championship]]><![CDATA[Taf on TV]]><![CDATA[Yiannis Taloumis presenting Taf at post-graduate students]]><![CDATA[Visit from the students of Texas Christian University]]><![CDATA[LM Out of the Box London, serving Taf Finca Catarata]]><![CDATA[El Pilon Mokka best espresso in TISCA]]><![CDATA[Taf at Athens Bar Show]]><![CDATA[Out Of The Box Athens 2016]]><![CDATA[Taf Rosebud first coffee for Rotating Roasters in La Marzocco]]><![CDATA[Invitation for Out Of The Box Athens Edition 2016 | La Marzocco]]><![CDATA[World Coffee Events 2016]]><![CDATA[Athens Coffee Festival]]><![CDATA[Taf in London Coffee Festival]]><![CDATA[Taf rewards its Costa Rica producers]]><![CDATA[First place in the national competitions for Brewers Cup and Barista Championship]]><![CDATA[ Taf presents the unique Sidra]]><![CDATA[An international award for Taf espresso]]><![CDATA[A unique new variety arrives at Taf]]><![CDATA[Taf at Prague Coffee festival]]><![CDATA[Taf supports Datathon]]><![CDATA[Digitized and Taf]]><![CDATA[Taf in Design Hotels Conference]]><![CDATA[Taf at Berlin Coffee Festival]]><![CDATA[Wind of change in our coffee shop]]><![CDATA[Taf Coffee shop between the best coffee shops in Europe]]><![CDATA[New Training Center in Thessaloniki]]><![CDATA[Konstantinos Iatridis won the 2nd place at the World Brewers Cup!]]><![CDATA[Konstantinos Iatridis at the WBrC 2015]]><![CDATA[Las Ramblas and friends supported Taf’s charity work]]><![CDATA[Taf presents the new Ninety Plus crop]]><![CDATA[Taf Elementary education program]]><![CDATA[Taf @ Technopolis 8th, 9th & 10th of May]]><![CDATA[Taf @ Mercato Metropolitano]]><![CDATA[Coffee seminar at the American Farm School]]><![CDATA[Ninety Plus Maker Series Perci by Stefanos Domatiotis]]><![CDATA[WBC 2015 Overview]]><![CDATA[Competition Blend @ Seattle, SCAA 2015]]><![CDATA[Taf team In Seattle - April 2015]]><![CDATA[Taf in Scarperia!]]><![CDATA[Taf as a winner in the greek coffee championships!]]><![CDATA[A different Sunday]]><![CDATA[3 days Istanbul Coffee Festival]]><![CDATA[Taf Lab in Istanbul Coffee festival]]><![CDATA[Taf @ World Coffee Leaders Forum, Seoul]]><![CDATA["36 hours in Athens" - NY Times]]><![CDATA[20/09 Just Brew it @ Chapter One Coffee!]]><![CDATA[20/09 Just Brew it! Hellas cool in Berlin @ Chapter One Coffee!]]><![CDATA[Cup of Excellence, Colombia South 2014]]><![CDATA[New Taf training center in Patra!]]><![CDATA[WBC & WBrC - Rimini 2014! Review by Yiannis Taloumis]]><![CDATA[Taf Road to Rimini 2014!]]><![CDATA[Limited Tasting Perci!]]><![CDATA[Limited Tasting Narcissus]]><![CDATA[Cooperation with the coffee producer Ninety Plus!]]><![CDATA[Esmeralda Special Auction 27/05/2014]]><![CDATA[Rwanda May 2014]]><![CDATA[Los Favoritos Auction - Fincas Mierisch 2014]]><![CDATA[Taf Video @ Food & Drink Festival!]]><![CDATA[Taf at the food festival "Ellada giorti gefsis"]]><![CDATA["10 Minutes with Yiannis Taloumis" - Barista Magazine Blog]]><![CDATA[Taf @ the Artisan Coffee Festival - Istanbul 2014!]]><![CDATA[Taf team @ La Marzocco True Artisan Cafe!]]><![CDATA[WCE All Stars 2014 Hotelex Shanghai]]><![CDATA[Distinctions for Taf barista team at the Hellenic Coffee Championships!]]><![CDATA[Cooperation between Taf and Taglio Coffee Shop in Milan!]]><![CDATA[Taf @ True Artisan Cafe - Out of the Box in Milan!]]><![CDATA[Sacof Rulindo - new lot from Rwanda Cup of Excellence 2013]]><![CDATA[Group Cupping Experience @ Las Ramblas]]><![CDATA[Taf @ World Cezve Ibrik Championship]]><![CDATA[Public Tasting @ Taf Coffee: New Esmeralda Special Auction Lot!]]><![CDATA[Esmeralda Special Auction 21/05/13]]><![CDATA[True Artisan Cafe - London Coffee Festival]]><![CDATA[Taf supporting the Turkish Coffee Championships!]]><![CDATA[Los Favoritos Auction - Fincas Mierisch]]><![CDATA[Coffee Origin Trip: Central America]]><![CDATA[25/11/12 - 02/12/13 Jimma - Limu - Kaffa, Ethiopia]]><![CDATA[21/10/12 Geisha Coffee Tasting @ SHOP]]><![CDATA[02-06/10/12 Q Course @ Taf Lab]]><![CDATA[New coffee lots arrivals 2012!]]><![CDATA[Q course at Taf Lab 2-6/10/12 and Pre-Q course 1/10/12]]><![CDATA[17-18/07/12 90+ @ Taf roastery & Taf Lab]]><![CDATA[15/06/12 Chris Loukakis - 3rd at the World Brewers Cup championship!]]><![CDATA[15/06/12 Stefanos Domatiotis - 5th at the WBC!]]><![CDATA[14/06/2012 WBC Espresso Bar Vienna 2012]]><![CDATA[22/06/12 La Marzocco OOTB organized by Taf]]><![CDATA[25/05/12 public cupping @ Handsome Coffee Roasters]]><![CDATA[15/05/12 Esmeralda Special Auction 2012]]><![CDATA[12-13/05/12 Taf @ Tedx Thessaloniki 2012]]><![CDATA[12-14/04/12 Best of Panama]]><![CDATA[12/03/2012 Coffee Tasting at Taf Coffee!!]]><![CDATA[1-3/03/12 Coffee Marathon in St.Petersburg]]><![CDATA[07/02/12 Tania Kostantinova is the winner of the Hellenic Latte Art Championship!]]><![CDATA[07/02/12 Stefanos Domatiotis is the winner of the Hellenic Barista Championship!]]><![CDATA[06/02/12 Christos Loukakis is the winner of the Hellenic Brewers Cup!]]><![CDATA[21/01/12 Costa Rica]]><![CDATA[18/01/12 Guatemala]]><![CDATA[13/12/11 Out of the Box]]><![CDATA[24-27/11/11 1st Greek Coffee Festival @ Technopolis Gazi - Athens]]><![CDATA[21/09/11 SCAE Brewmaster Course @ Taf Q Lab!]]><![CDATA[Taf coffee team - Stefanos Domatiotis & Christos Loukakis @ Ted]]><![CDATA[25/06/11 Christos Loukakis - World Latte Art Champion 2011!]]><![CDATA[22-24/06/11 World Cup Tasters Competition]]><![CDATA[22-23/06/11 1st World Brewers Cup]]><![CDATA[21/06/11 - SCAE Coffee Excellence Innovation]]><![CDATA[05/06/2011 Stefanos took the 10th place @ the WBC Bogota 2011!]]><![CDATA[Bogota 2011]]><![CDATA[Esmeralda Special 17/05/11! Caballeriza lot coming soon!!]]><![CDATA[10/03/11 - Specialty Coffee Tour]]><![CDATA[28/02/11-04/03/11 Q Grader Course @ Taf Lab!]]><![CDATA[12/02/11@ The Hub Events - a party organized by our company with coffee, coctails and live jazz music!]]><![CDATA[06/02/11 Winner of the HBC is Stefanos Domatiotis!]]><![CDATA[04/02/11 Winner of the Hellenic Latte Art Championship is Christos Loukakis!]]><![CDATA[10/01/11 – Taf analyzes the problems and seeks solutions with its customers]]><![CDATA[23/12/10 Esmeralda Special 2010 Mario Carnaval Christmas Celebration @ Taf Coffee!]]><![CDATA[12-13/12/10 Costa Rica]]><![CDATA[Give into espresso training courses on board!]]><![CDATA[25/06/2010 Stefanos Domatiotis took the 6th place at the WBC!]]><![CDATA[24/06/2010 WBC Bar]]><![CDATA[19/04/2010 Micro mills in Costa Rica]]><![CDATA[04/03/2010 4th Ethiopian Coffee Roundtable 18-19/02/2010]]><![CDATA[08/02/10 Stefanos Domatiotis winner at the HBC with the coffee La Margarita micromill Zalmari from Taf!]]><![CDATA[ 27-29/01/10 Hacienda La Minita - Costa Rica]]>